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bullet Questions about Restoring Files

Q: Is there a charge for restoring files?

A. No, there is no charge whatsoever for restoring files. You can restore as many files as you wish as often as you like.

Q: Can I view a backed up file without restoring it?

A. Yes. The software contains a feature that will allow you to view a file without restoring it. This works by saving the file to a temporary space on your hard drive and then opening the applicable program to view it. This feature is useful, for example if you have multiple versions of the same file backed up and are not sure which version you want to restore.

Q: If I restore a file, will it still be backed up?

A. Yes. Restoring a file does not affect its backup status. It will still be backed up and available to restore again at a later date.

Q: How do I reinstall the software after a system failure?

A. If you have had a system failure, and the Online Backup software is no longer installed on your computer, you will need to download and install the software again from this website. Once the software is installed, you will be able to restore your file catalogue (the list of all of the files that have been backed up) and retrieve all of your backed up files. In order to continue to backup your files, you will have to set up your backup sets again. Please keep in mind that in order to restore your file catalogue, you MUST have a copy of your Encryption Key.