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bullet Questions about Account Administration

Q: Can two computers share the same Computer ID?

A. No. If two computers have the IR Online Backup and Recovery software installed with the same Computer ID, every time one of the computers starts a backup, it will overwrite all of the information from the other computer.

Q: How do I add new users/computers to my account?

A. You can add new users/computers to your account by contacting us at We will be able to help you purchase additional users/computers, if you currently have a single computer account or add additional users/computers if you have a multi-user account.

Q: How do I install the new computers to my multi-user account?

A. Once you have purchased or added a new computer to your account, you will download the software to that computer and follow the installation instructions contained in this User Guide. Instead of selecting a new Encryption Key, you will Load or Type in the Encryption Key that you selected for the first computer of your account (Computer ID 0000). All other aspects of the installation and configuration are the same.

Q: Do all of the computers of my account need the same Encryption Key?

A. Yes. All of the computers of your account do need the same Encryption Key. This enables the account administrator to ensure that the data for all computers is properly secured.

Q: Do all of the computers of my account need the same Username and Password?

A. All of the computers require the same Username. Each computer will have a different Computer ID and may have a unique Password.

Q: Do all of the computers of my account have different file catalogues?

A. Yes. Each computer that you are backing up has different file catalogues so that backups are specific to each computer.